A Spiritual Journey

cover of A Spiritual Journey

This book is really three books in one. “Part I: Reflections on the Philosophy of Religion” is comprised of serious and light-hearted reflections and accounts of various thoughts I have had over a lifetime of study and reflection on the philosophy of religion. “Part II: A Transcendental Journey” discusses New England Transcendentalism beginning with Emerson and going on to the related writings of other authors on Transcendentalism. “Part III: Cosmic Consciousness Redux” reflects Smullyan's evolving thinking and commentary on Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke’s book, “Cosmic Consciousness,” which he first explored in an earlier book, “Who Knows?”


  • ISBN: 9780963923172 · paperback
  • Praxis International (US) · Jan. 1, 2009
  • $14.95