Rambles Through My Library

cover of Rambles Through My Library

"If you are a fan of Ray's, which I am, all you need to know to want to buy this book is that from its first page to its last, this beautiful volume is unadulterated Smullyan--I couldn't put it down!" Martin Gardner, former editor, Scientific American.

In Rambles Through My Library, Raymond Smullyan takes you on a tour of selections from his favorite authors. Along the way he shares his thoughts, commentary, stories, anecdotes, and juicy tidbits about the authors and selections. Thus, the book is a combination of anthology, essays, reminiscences, scraps of thought, and autobiography--anything is fair game.


  • ISBN: 9780963923165 · paperback
  • Praxis International (US) · Jan. 1, 2009
  • $14.95